Our core Strength lies in the fact that we provide our customers END to END solutions starting with Product, Formulation & Packaging development/ customization with state of the art R&D unit & Production infrastructure; through to also providing logistic & documentation support for exports to world-wide destinations.

  • Project Brief

  • Assessment, Costing & NDA

  • Develop Prototype Designing Formulation & Packaging

  • Prototype Approval

  • Testing - Stability, Packaging Compatibility & Travel

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Process Validation & Optimization

  • Production

  • Quality Control

  • Delivery

R&D Operation

We support Technology Transfer, through process validation , Technical Risk Assessment and adapting formulations to our processing equipment.


We express our creativity freely, and can meet any customer requirement with high quality and safety standards.

Regulatory Compliance

We stay abreast of Cosmetic Regulations, and ensure the highest standards of safety by abiding to regional and international regulations, including product registrations.

Project Management

Each Project is allocated a dedicated project team who monitor critical milestones to ensure timely delivery of key tasks and ultimately timely delivery of customer projects.

Portfolio Management

We help our associates and partner in managing their product portfolio by the mean of line extension and brand extension

With dedicated and experienced team in research and development (R&D), GCCM has the capability to create new or/and enhance existing products.